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Success in professional design service requires combining the correct interpretation of the Client’s vision with the technical recognition earned from years of experience.


The process of making your vision a reality is where Vernon Grey Design excels. Property visits to study approach, views, slope and sun path are the cornerstone of each Vernon Grey design. 

Details, communication, time tables and budgets are discussed thoroughly to reveal the Preliminary Plan, Layout Design Plan and Final Construction Plans.

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tailored service

     Over the years, Vernon learned to recognize the value of the “less is more” approach to home design and construction plans. Architects and Designers often preach they are doing their Clients a service by lathering the construction plans to specify every finish texture and detail as it is required for advertised bid plans for most commercial and government building projects. This extra work involves a great deal of time which equates to higher fees. 

     Today, virtually every successful residential building project boils down to the Client negotiating many of the material specifications and finish details with their Builder and usually depart greatly from what the Architect specifies. Current building codes already require a very high degree of structural detail and engineering which runs-up the cost of planning and construction plan preparation considerably. Now he strives to provide dynamic design, structurally-correct construction plans for rock-bottom fees to create the starting place for the finish negotiations and acquiring the permits to begin construction.


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